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  5. "Je mange l'ail."

"Je mange l'ail."

Translation:I eat the garlic.

February 3, 2013



No..no in English you would say "I eat garlic" not " I eat the garliic"


Why is this 'l'ail' as in the garlic, and not de l'ail, as in some garlic? The translation does not include the 'the' of the L in 'lail'.


The noun 'garlic' here is being used in a generic sense. The definite article is required for this in French. http://french.about.com/library/weekly/aa082401.htm

It is not 'de l'ail' (the partitive article) because that would convey a different meaning in French to what is intended here. There's no 'the' in the translation because it's not necessary in English, but in French it is.


Except I left out "the" because I agree with you, and I was marked wrong!

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