"I have a tomato and an apple."

Translation:Io ho un pomodoro ed una mela.

February 3, 2013



I am in need of more guidance from duolinguo with regard to 'e' and 'ed'. At first I guessed that ed was used before a word that began with a vowel, but 'ed il cane' was marked wrong. Then I thought perhaps 'ed' was only used in front of a word beginning with another e, but now both e and ed are accepted in this example before a word beginning with u. I'm very confused.

February 3, 2013


Yes, I have found it very confusing as well. So far, I have been using "ed" when followed by a vowel or vowel sound. It hasn't marked me wrong yet. You just have to be careful on the "Write what you hear." From what I read on other discussions, either should work. Does anyone more skilled in Italian have better information on this?

February 27, 2014


You must use "ed" before words that begin with an "e". Before words that begin with other vowels we rarely use "ed", so you can use "e". Sorry for my English, I'm Italian :)

July 7, 2014


Thank you for clearing that up for all of us!

July 7, 2014


Grazie per la tua spiegazione. Sorry for my Italian, I am Australian:)

August 14, 2018


What diferents between " io ho pomodoro" and "Ho un pomodoro"? Is it not the same?

December 6, 2015


In the first sentence you are missing the definite article "un". But you can say both "Io ho UN pomodoro" and (more commonly) you can drop the personal pronoun and say "Ho un pomodoro"

January 17, 2016


I have the same issue

December 21, 2015


Is number 1 and 3 different only in using "Io"? Is that really that big of a difference?

February 8, 2016


And btw I am getting both of these flagged as wrong...

February 8, 2016


I'm stuck in a loop with no matter what I choose now.

February 22, 2016


It is not acepting any answer

March 25, 2016


It is not acepting the right answer

May 20, 2016


Neither answer is correct, i also get stuck in a loop

June 1, 2016


I have a pen i have an apple !

November 5, 2017


Can somebody explain the difference between ed and e

June 16, 2014


Use ed before words starting in "e"

August 25, 2017


The answers for this, are not correct

July 1, 2016


Guys you must select both, first option and the third.

July 13, 2016


Io ho and ho is the same thing just with out the i. why is it wrong?

August 12, 2016


Its probably the context you put it in. So maybe you said Io ho, but the rest of your sentence wasnt the correct version for it. Probably you typed Io ho and the rest of the sentence was better used with Ho. I dont know but thats what happened to me a couple of times.

October 28, 2016


For me the mistake was with un and una. " IO ho un pomodoro e una mela" thats what i put. It said once before that una is feminine and un masculine but for English, object dont get genders. So i offten confuse un for a, and una for an.

October 28, 2016


Non puo non essere coretto nessuno

December 21, 2017


I keep translating this phrase perfectly and the app says its incorrect.

February 26, 2018
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