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Trenger eller behøver

What's the finesse point on where one should use "trenger" versus where one should use "behøver" when you're talking about needing something?

August 11, 2016



Really no important difference. "Behøve" is borrowed from Danish (or Low German), so it might come across as somewhat milder or more polite than "trenger", which is natively Norwegian. If you need something urgently, you would probably yell "Jeg trenger en kniv!" (for instance.)


Thank you for the clarification


I feel that you could use either one, but «trenger» is probably more common. After all, the verb «behøver» was used in the Present 2 lesson, while «trenger» is seen towards the beginning. I’m not entirely sure if this is true, but I hope my explanation clears some thing up. God dag!

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