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  5. "למה אוכלים אוכל?"

"למה אוכלים אוכל?"

Translation:Why do we eat food?

August 11, 2016



I was marked incorrect for saying "why eat food?" (I thought this was an impersonal plural) Just got this as a 'Correct" response:

You used the wrong word. Why do I eat food?

I'm confused:- (as well as not being autotrophic).


Im guessing its cause food is plural so its assumed that "we" is thrown in there


I think the “we“ refers to the people, not to the food.


Why is "Why are we eating food?" incorrect?


I think it’s incorrect because “Why are we eating food“ refers to a specific food-eating time, whereas “Why do we eat food?” means something along the lines of “Why is food necessary for life?”


HMM THATS A TOUGH QUESTION Its not like we need to eat food to survive or anything....


כי אנחנו לא אוטוטרופים.


Because eating cars is not really my thing


we could as well say : why does one eat?


How is it "we" and not "they"?


I think because “Why do we eat food?” means “Why do people eat food”, but “Why do they eat food?” does not mean “Why do people eat food?”


Because forks are inedible.


I get it for the ending אוכלים, however where do you get "do we eat food"


Is "why are you eating food" correct here? Should I report it or not?


There is no "you" (or any other pronoun) in this sentence: I think it's what was described in the Tips & Notes as an Impersonal Plural. So the import of the question is "why is food eaten?" ie what is the general purpose of consuming food? It's not directed at a specific person, or specific act of eating, so although it's tricky to translate this sort of expression it English, I think the official translation they've given here is the closest English idiom in general use.


Duolingo marked me correct for “why do you eat food?” because that means “why do people eat food” but I think “why are you eating food” is incorrect because that does not mean “why do people eat food?”

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