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"Трудные задачи - ещё интереснее."

Translation:Hard problems are even more interesting.

August 11, 2016



"Hard problems are still interesting." Could it be correct?


Hard problems are still more interesting why not accepted?


This phrase summarizes well, what I find so frustrating about learning Russian. A barely discernible difference in pronunciation changes интересный to интереснее, which is completely different because it’s “more interesting than x” rather than simply “interesting”


Hm. Do you find THIS sound, easy to distinguish from the usual Russian [n̪] or the English [n]? The [ɲ] is almost the same as what you hear in синий, интереснее etc.

On a deeper lever, the whole -сный/-снее(-сней) part sounds different. Both consonants will be palatalised in -снее (for most speakers). You may try listening to both of them and get the feel of how "tense" they are overall.

Long story short, it takes some time to get used to the distinctions but you are probably better than you think you are.


If I listen really carefully on Google translate, интереснее sounds like “interesny” and интересный sounds more like “interest’nay”

Can you name any other examples of this distinction so I can listen to them too?

Indeed I am surprised my Russian customers know what I am trying to say even when I get 75% of the Russian grammar wrong!


I guess, pretty much any adjective or participle with a similar ending.

Do you find the endings of полный / синий[https://forvo.com/word/%D1%81%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B9/#ru] much different?


The н sounds slightly different between them which I assumed was due to one of the words having an л right before. I forgot about Forvo, I should be able to find other examples on there. Thanks


Hard problems are more interesting is wrong?


Interestingly, I sometimes find that translating Russian sentences into French illustrates the meaning more clearly.

"Des problèmes difficiles sont encore plus intéressants."

Although, the expression трудные задачи translates (in a dictionary) as "des défis" (= challenges). In which case, this sentence appears to also mean: "Challenges are even more interesting." / "Des défis sont encore plus intéressants."


I utterly reject this sentence. They aren't more interesting. Except maybe to the devil that causes the problems.

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