"Munkát kerestünk."

Translation:We were looking for a job.

August 11, 2016

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How does "kerestünk" specify the progressive past of "we were looking for a job", in such a way that makes "We looked for a job" wrong?? (or is that an error?)


Hungarian doesn't differentiate between progressive, perfect, and simple forms of the past tense. Any form that makes sense in English should be accepted.


I've tried "We looked for work" and "We were searching for work." Neither was accepted. Reporting it.


I said "searching" in a translation, but it was marked wrong. "Keres" doesn't also mean "search"?


What's the full sentence you wrote? "The police searched my car" doesn't mean the same as "The police searched for my car", for example -- did you use "search" on its own or together with "for"?

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