"Ez az asztal olyan, mint az."

Translation:This table is like that one.

August 11, 2016



In this sentence, what is the grammatical function of olyan (which follows the noun)?

September 7, 2017


Well, here it appears to follow the noun. But keep in mind that there is an unstated 'is' (van) between the 'asztal' and the 'olyan':

The word 'olyan' is a pronoun. It means such, that, that kind of, such a thing, such a one. So the Hungarian we are given here is literally: 'This table (is) such a one as that."

September 7, 2017


Can you say "the same as", or does "olyan" not really mean that?

March 3, 2017


"the same" = "ugyanaz", it is a different meaning. 'The same' is not the same as something is just 'like' (=resembles) something.

June 2, 2017


One more explanation : when is it just "mint" and when do we need "olyan mint"?

December 29, 2018
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