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The good and bad news of clumsy fingers.

The bad news : I accidentally deleted my German progress

The good news : I have started the Vietnamese course, and I have to say that I have never seen such a nongermanic language look so nice.

So , I am making the best of this situation and experiencing - if not t learning vietnamese

August 11, 2016



The plus side of deleting progress is that it gives you a chance to test out and see how much of the language you've retained :)

Good luck with Vietnamese, and condolences with your German.


My condolences. What level were you in German? Take a lingot! :)


I was level 8

Thank you, for I am not pleading charity, but thank you


I know. Though, I understand how it feels to accidentally delete progress. I deleted my level 9 Esperanto course, haha. Good luck in Vietnamese. :D


Vietnamese always had a look that was very interesting to me. It's complex, but also somewhat logical once you start to understand it. Speaking Tiếng Việt, though, requires a lot of vocal control, more so than even other tonal languages. And honestly that seems to make the language stand out even more.


This is a good point.


If you lost your progress I think you can try to take a shortcut so you can advance to the level you were again...Have you tried that?

[deactivated user]

    When I lived in Houston, which has large Vietnamese-American community, I heard and saw Vietnamese a lot (mostly Southern dialects are spoken there) and studied it for awhile when I thought I would be living there longer than I actually did. I always thought it was lovely language and am very tempted to start the Duo Vietnamese course.


    ouch. I see you decided to start from the beginning again anyway :D

    I started vietnamese but a completely new alphabet/reading system is slowing me way way down XD

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