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"The markets are between the banks and the railway stations."

Translation:A piacok a bankok és a pályaudvarok között vannak.

August 11, 2016



Is "A piacok vannak a bankok és a pályaudvarok között" acceptable or incorrect? Can you slip the vannak in directly after the object it's referring to (the markets) or does it have to go at the end?


Technically, "piacok" is the subject. But otherwise yes, you can do that. But then the sentence changes. You are emphasizing "the markets". It is the markets and not the churches that are between the banks and the railway stations. So, that sentence will not match the English sentence above, when it is a neutral statement. But if you emphasize it like that, then yes, maybe it is acceptable.


Does one need vannak here?


Yes. With an adverb or a location, you need van/vannak.


"vonatállomásokközött" I miss a space.

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