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  5. "When is he throwing?"

"When is he throwing?"

Translation:Il lance quand ?

February 3, 2013



Why not, quand il lance ?


That's more like "When he is throwing?" than "When is he throwing?"; instead, you need inversion: "Quand lance-t-il ?" (with the "t" just for euphony).


if anyone is wondering why it's lance-t-il rather than just lance-il: because it sounds more musical! who knew! http://french.about.com/cs/pronunciation/a/euphony.htm


"Quand il lance ?" was my answer and it was incorrect.

OK, I am bit puzzled right now - what's wrong with my composition of the words?

Further on, why isn't "Quand lance il ?" included as an answer as it is even more correct than the proposed "Il lance quand"?


why can't it be written as "quand est-il lance?" ?


I don't know how to explain it, someone else would be better at it, but it's not correct. There are two present tense verbs in that form and 'être' isn't used in French as it is in English. If you want to write the question in that format, it would be 'Quand est-ce qu'il lance?', which literally translates to 'When is it that he is throwing?'. 'Il lance' can translate to 'he throws' or 'he is throwing'


Can I use "lorsque" instead of "quand" and say "Quand lance-t-il"?


'Lorsque' isn't used in questions.


Why can't I use 'jeter' instead of 'lancer'?


You can: "Quand est-ce qu'il jette.", for example.


Oh really? I think that "jeter" is more related to "getting rid of things that are no longer useful", ie. throwing it to trash, while you can use "lancer" for throwing a ball, or a boomerang, etc.

Something similar to difference between "connaître" and "savoir" - in English they mean exactly the same, but in French are used in completely different contexts.


I'll take your word for it, but I'm pretty sure that I wrote that because Duolingo accepted ‘Quand est-ce qu'il jette ?’ from me.


Well, we all know that Duolingo is frequently making and giving weird, on the border of being wrong, tests and answers. For example, my Spanish flatmates told me that Spanish learning engine is almost completely in Latin American dialect.


quand est-il jeter? Was Google translation


If I understand that correctly, Google is interpreting "throwing" as a noun, which is a strange interpretation.


Why not "Quand lance Il"?


Lancer means to launch, jeter is a better verb to describe "to throw"


Why isn't it Quand souhaite-t-il ? because that's what I said, but the answer is Il lance quand. I'm confused. Please help!


Why isn't it Quand souhaite-t-il ? because the answer is il lance quand and that's just confusing. Someone please help!

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