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  5. "Zrobiła na mnie wrażenie."

"Zrobiła na mnie wrażenie."

Translation:She impressed me.

August 12, 2016



"She made an impression on me" should be the primary translation here, not just an option.


To impress is always a positive thing. Making an impresion can be good or bad.


True. But without specifying, the Polish sentence implies that it's a good impression.


In English, to impress someone is different than to "make an impression" on someone. It seems that the literal Polish translation „zrobić na mnie wrażenie”, would be "to make an impression on me." Is that an incorrect translation, since the meanings aren't the same?


I would argue that to impress someone and to make an impression on someone mean exactly the same thing. According to Cambridge English Dictionary:

  • impress - to cause someone to admire or respect you
  • make an impression on sb - to cause someone to notice and admire you

The phrase make an impression on sb will change its meaning if you qualify it with an adjective, as in: to make a bad impression on sb.


A lot of people in these comments quote dictionaries, and they cam be helpful to am extent. But certain words imply certain things. The guy above you is correct. People aren't stuffy old dictionaries and we don't talk like them.


Isn't possible "she made me an impression" ?


No, an impression in that sense is like at the dentist's office, he makes an impression of your teeth, using dental plaster. He made an impression [of your teeth] for you.

In this exercise, the woman made an impression (of herself) on you[r mind].


I wrote "Zrobiłam na mnie wrażenie" and it got accepted without pointing out my error while doing the audio exercise. If any developer sees this maybe you can at least point out the type-o, thanks!


There is a currently a discussion with the developers on that issue, so I hope the system will change a bit in some time.


It made an impression on me.


Ok, technically it could be 'it', added.


Wouldn't "it" be zrobiło?


I think impersonal things can also make an impression.

Wczorajsza impreza była po prostu świetna! Naprawdę zrobiła na mnie wrażenie!
The party yesterday was just great! It really made an impression on me!


You can say "To zrobiło" and then it's neuter ('to' = whatever you had in mind, probably some situation), but you can also use the gender that applies to the particular noun that 'it' refers to. Like Alik did with "impreza". "it" in English, feminine in Polish.


I get it, guys. It's the same in Russian. I wasn't thinking of feminine nouns when I posted my question. I was thinking ono as "it."


I tried with "she made a good impression on me" and it didn't work: shouldn't that be accepted as well?


"good" is your own addition here. Although we can assume that the impression in our sentence is probably indeed positive, we can also easily add "dobre" in Polish.


It might be my own addition, but this other comment you left (a while ago, admittedly) agrees with me: "without specifying, the Polish sentence implies that it's a good impression." This is why I wrote the comment above.

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