"Milyen buszok nagyok?"

Translation:What kinds of buses are big?

August 12, 2016

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I also have to say how wonderful it is to have duolingo in Hungarian. People shouldn't complain, because, after all, it is in beta, and you are therefore warned that it is not a finished product. Considering that we have volunteers to thank for the course, I think we should say 'thank you'


Someone voted you down, so I voted you up and gave you a lingot. Too much negative shit.


Why does this sentence have 'milyen', and not 'milyenek' since we are talking about plural buses?


Because it acts like an adjective - when it stands before a noun, it doesn't get case or number endings.

Like a magas fák "the tall trees", for example.


If you say this esntence in hungarian, you will be considered an imbecile


How, then, would one say "What are large buses like?" in Hungarian?


If "What are large buses like" has the same meaning as "How large buses look like?" then I would say: "Milyenek a nagy buszok?" or "Hogy néznek ki a nagy buszok?".


What about those: Milynek nagy buszok? (without the a since it means the ) Or Milyen nagy buszok

Also does "a" in your sentence refers to generalizing sentences like Hungarian men are strong= A Magyar ferfiak erosok


Literally EVERY other sentence I've thus far seen that has had "milyen" has translated it as "what kinds". Finally, I gave up writing "what kind" and wrote "what kinds" here... and it's wrong. What. The. Heck. This is exactly the kind of constant stupidness that wasn't accounted for that makes my motivation to learn Hungarian drop every day. It's become more of a chore than anything else to trudge through these exercises.


As a native speaker i agree with you. The sentences are unnecessarily convoluted, fishing for exceptional or niche situations instead of simple ones.


Yes, I'm also considering to just drop it for three to six months and hope that the alternatives have been more fleshed out by then, to make it more consistent what is accepted and what isn't.

Sadly, if you and I don't report those alternatives, this fleshing-out may not happen.


Report, report, report.


Isn't "milyen" same as "which" in English?


No, that is melyik.


"Melyik buszok nagyok" could be more accurate? Even though you are using an adjective so you're already describing the bus.


No, that would be "which buses are big". Totally different sentence.


Up to now I had gotten used to "milyen a + noun?" = "what is + noun + like?"

Is this a modified version? "milyen noun ...? = "what kind of + noun ...?" ?

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