"I have a big, white oven, and you?"

Translation:Nekem egy nagy, fehér sütőm van, és neked?

August 12, 2016

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Nekem nagy fehér sütőm van, és neked?


I'd have thought that the emphasis was on my having the item, since I go on to ask what you have ( do you have one too, or maybe a chicken to put in it). Wouldn't it be appropriate for the "van" to follow "Nekem"?


Nagy fehér sütőm van és neked not accepted, reported. I don't think nekem egy at the beginning is needed and there was an earlier example involving a big white boat where it wasn't used.


I think the "nekem" is required for contrast with the "neked".


You could well be right about that but we need the fluent people to step in and resolve it. I can certainly see the point you're making and Hungarian is filled with this notion of one thing matching up with or contrasting with another. As time goes on and practice continues, the whole thing becomes a bit less "foreign." It will still take quite a while, though.


Is this an oven measuring contest now?


Another burn: Nekem egy nagy fehér sütőm, és neked?
I leave it out van, it wants it in! Why is it at the end and not after nekem?
Why is it left out in other sentences?


The "van" is required in "There is" sentences and in "have" sentences and in sentences that refer to where something is.

Nekem a nagy sütőm fehér => "My big oven is white."

Nekem a nagy sütőm ott van => "My big oven is there."

Nekem egy nagy, fehér sütőm van => "There is for me a big white oven.", which sounds better in English as "I have a big white oven.", but illustrates the commonality of "There is" and "having" sentences.

I hope this helps and is correct.


I have this part down, but now I am getting burned with putting van immediately after nekem.
Nekem van nagy fehér sütőm, es neked?


Yes, I asked that question myself, 4 months ago, and am still waiting for an answer. I imagine that I will be told that the contrast is between what we each have rather than between who it is that is having. If you were to complete the question, it would end with "mid van neked?", with "van" following the question word as all verbs should. Maybe that is the way to look at it. And given that the "van" should follow "mid", then it should also be expected to follow "nagy fehér sütőm".


I've had three sentences explained to me about it lol. It's the focus issue. I need Solarcaine after getting burned so many times.


You should be building up a resistance to burning by this stage :)


Talán azt mondja hogy, "A bőröm nem vastag, de a vállam erős!" Olyan remélem.


I checked this, and Nekem van egy nagy fehér sütőm, és neked? was already accepted.

So the placement of van is fine here.

Dropping "egy" caused the burn... I am a bit unsure here, to accept that version or not...


Nagy fehér sütőm van, és neked? Not accepted, reported. This came up before, 9 months ago. This time, however, Nagy fehér hajónk van, és nektek? was accepted so there's plainly an inconsistency. I didn't use nekünk and it was fine so either I was wrong with the ship or I'm right with the oven. It needs fixing.

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