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Audio on picture questions

Hello, I apologize if this question has already been answered. I noticed on the Spanish lessons that the picture questions have a voice pronunciation if you click on them, but Hebrew is lacking this. Is there still more audio to be added?

Thank you, Steve Addis Tucson, AZ

August 12, 2016



Yes, Hebrew is still in Beta and some things may be wrong or missing, just bear with it and it will be fixed eventually :)


Of course, just wondering if they were still adding content. It is pretty awesome so far!!!


The Hebrew course uses recordings of real people, instead of a TTS, which is why it doesn't have audio for individual words/picture questions.

I seem to remember one of the devs saying they were trying to do something about this, because they realise it's not ideal, but it's a failure of the system rather than peculiar to this course. It just has more impact in Hebrew because of how alien the writing system is.

Actually having audio with those pictures would be great, but I suspect it's a long term solution rather than something that's appearing any time soon.

The devs did create a course to learn the alphabet and also a course of all the words + audio on Memrise, which go a considerable way to plugging the gap. It's not ideal, but until Duolingo gives them the ability to add audio to individual words, it's really helpful.


Thank you for explaining this!

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