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"Az a híd széles, amelyik a mély folyó fölött áll."

Translation:The bridge that is standing over the deep river is wide.

August 12, 2016



The "correct" solution I was given is "That bridge stands above the deep river is wide." That is not even an English sentence. Reported.


How about, "That bridge is wide that stands above the deep river." could that be correct


two "correct" answers are proposed: the one that is here, the other one: "the BIRIDGES (with an extra I) that stands over the deep "WATER" is wide. My answer: the bridge that stands above the deep river is wide. was rejected. I reported of course.


I think it should be "That bridge."


No - the "az" is part of the Hungarian construction az ... amelyik and dosn't need to be translated into English as it gets completely turned around.


-------- judit, you've got the main point in this sentence . the "az " is required by the presence of "amelyik " . . .

Big 22 oct 18


No - the bridge is the focus - Hungarian is like that where you put the focus first and then describe it


For some reason "The bridge is over the deep river is wide" showed up as the "correct" translation when mine was counted wrong ;)


My answer was: The bridge that is wide, is the one which stands above the deep river. Your accepted answer is like the spoken English. I mistakenly thought my answer was a more verbatim translation.


Why using absurd sentences and not real life or concrete situations? I am getting tired and still do not know how to order coffee with cake.


I responded the wide bridge. English sentence csn bf translated both ways dont unfero ehy it's wrong...

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