"Finally they open the synagogue."

Translation:סוף סוף הם פותחים את בית הכנסת.

August 12, 2016

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I wrote לבסוף instead of סוף סוף (doing the testing mode, haven't taken the classes), and it wasn't accepted — as far as I know it's a synonym?


They're close, but they're not exactly synonyms in my opinion. לבסוף means something like "in the end" - and if you write it in this sentence instead of סוף סוף it sounds like you're talking about something that already happened. It can also be used as "finally" in the sense of "firstly, secondly.. finally" when writing an essay. סוף סוף means finally as in "after a long time", so it fits a lot better here.


difference between סוף סוף and לבסוף - finally when something happens that you have been waiting for as opposed to the last (final) step of say a recipe or project. Respectively, THAT is the way I understand it.

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