"Chcę wziąć więcej owoców."

Translation:I want to take more fruit.

August 12, 2016

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I'm not sure why the genitive case is used here. Is it because we're talking about a quantity of fruit?


Yes, all quantifiers take Genitive.


@Argimak, You even put your question into genitive--"of fruit"= owoców


I believe that was indeed Argimak's guess as to 'why' :)


"Another correct solution:I want to take more fruit." Ummm... I disagree??? Because then it should be "Chcę wziąć więcej owocu." Only "fruits" should be accepted as a correct answer.


Actually, "fruits" is rarely used at all in English. We say "fruit" pretty much all the time, whether referring to singular or plural.

"Fruits" can be used when referring scientifically to different sorts of fruit. For example: Three fruits that belong to the citrus family are oranges, tangerines, and lemons. However, if I say that I brought oranges, tangerines, and lemons, to your party, then you would say that I brought a lot of fruit, not fruits


this is because of different ideas what plural of "fruit" and "owoc" mean.

fruit can mean 7 apples, or 100 strawberries fruits means apple and strawberry

In Polish if there are two strawberries they are "owoce".

so "więcej owocu" would rarely work.


It shouldn't mark wrong, "I want to get more fruit," I don't think. "Get" is just more colloquial and ambiguous as to particular meaning.


It's just that in English, fruit is uncountable here even though the concept here is still "plural" fruit, but in Polish, fruit "owoc" is countable. I realize my mistake now without even paying attention to my own English - This was posted long time ago wow! SORRY FOR POSTING AS IF I KNEW EVERYTHING WHEN I DIDN'T lol. Yeah I was super wrong about my first comment. It's just that sometimes I get delved into the language too much I apply the Polish rule into the English language. That's why I even dared to say the word "fruits."


What's wrong with bring fruit?


Wziąć means "to take." Przynieść means "to bring."


So we learnt brać for take (as in taking showers etc.) and now this wziąć. Can I understand the following difference between the two - brać is for the experience of getting something (showers, music lessons, exams etc.) and wziąć is for physically getting something (picking up, fetching etc.)

Now one question in this context, how does one say "I am taking the train". Thanks for answering


I'm afraid that it's different than your understanding. Pairs of perfective/imperfective verbs usually look similar, but not here. "wziąć" is the perfective variant of the imperfective verb "brać".

So "I want to take a shower" rather refers to taking a shower once and 'finishing' it: "Chcę wziąć prysznic".

But if we make it a regular thing, e.g. "He takes a shower every day", we end up with "On bierze prysznic każdego dnia".

Now, the 'take the train' one... in Polish you wouldn't use any of those, actually, but either "jechać" or the habitual "jeździć", so the verbs for "to go" which are used for going by vehicles.

"I am taking the train" means that you're planning to go somewhere by train, right? So that would be "Jadę pociągiem" (I am going by train).


Which is the perfective of wziąć?


This is the perfective. The imperfective is "brać". Yes, they're completely different.

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