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  5. "Das ist mein Eindruck."

"Das ist mein Eindruck."

Traduction :C'est mon impression.

August 12, 2016

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    I don't get why "impression" here is masculine when in the other sentence is feminine "ma première impression est bonne".


    The word "impression" begins with a voyal. So you have to use "mon". I think the reason for that is the sound.
    une araignée, mon araignée; une chienne, ma chienne

    [utilisateur désactivé]

      Oh gosh, you are absolutely right! i have forgotten it DX. Thank for the reply though :).


      Geomethrie! Your explanation is pertinent to the French word (cf vowel you mean?)(cf euphonie). In the previous German sentence, (=Meine erste Eindruck ist gut), why?

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