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  5. "היא צריכה לעבוד מחר."

"היא צריכה לעבוד מחר."

Translation:She needs to work tomorrow.

August 12, 2016



She has to work tomorrow, not have. Poor English.


She must work tomorrow should be accepted and isn't.


What is wrong with she must have to work tomorrow.


A bit of overkill. "She must work" or "she has to work". However I just tried "she must work tomorrow" and it was rejected, so what do I know.


“She must have to work tomorrow” means “It must be that she has to work tomorrow.”

Here, the meaning of “must” is “It is certainly the case” in the literal sense, but it’s often used to mean “I guess”. For example “She said she didn’t want to come with us tonight. I wonder why? She must have to work tomorrow.”

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