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Directional Conjunction

OK, I finished those three parts called Directional Conjunctions.

But I am not proud of it, because I had to use the Copy-Paste-function over and over again.

Just have a look at the following sentences, which represent about 90% of the requested exercises:

A sárga buszok arról jönnek, amerre a piros buszok mennek. - The yellow buses come from the direction, to which direction the red buses go.

Abból az ágyból ugrik ki a fiú, amelyikről leesik egy párna. - The boy jumps out from the bed, from the top of which a pillow falls down.

A belga orvosok is arról a hegyről sétálnak le, amelyikről mi. - The Belgian doctors are walking down from the hill, too, from which we are.

Attól a széktől fut el a kisfiú, amelyikre felmászik egy csúnya nagy szőrös pók. - The little boy runs away from the chair, onto which an ugly big hairy spider is climbing up.

Azokban a szállodákban pihennek az olasz turisták, amelyekhez sok busz érkezik. - The Italian tourists are resting in the hotels, to which many buses arrive.

Ezek a bogarak nem azok alól az ágyak alól jönnek ki, amelyikekben ti fekszetek, hanem a mögül a szekrény mögül, amelyikben sok ruha van. - These bugs are not coming out from under the beds which you are lying in, but from behind the wardrobe in which there are a lot of clothes.

Well, the last one is so long, that in multiple choice the answering menu is hidden.

Is this all really to be taken seriously for teaching Hungarian?

Is that the quality, Duolingo should represent?

And: no, this is not just a beta phase problem, it is a problem of the creative heads behind that course. I dont want to insult any of them, but it seems to me, that self-fulfilment was more important for them than focussing on the users needs. And this is a typical programmers obsession.

By the way: I know, what it means to prepare such a Hungarian language course, because since April 2015 I establish one on Memrise for German speaking persons. I go on step by step. Every sentence I add, I have to think about possible versions in Hungarian. So this already prevents the use of too long sentences.

I just hope the best for that Duolingo course.

August 12, 2016



I haven't seen this topic earlier, but I would upvote it thousand times, if I could.

And it would be good to get some reaction from the course creators.


Me too, nine months later!


Very frustrating indeed. More generally, the whole course suffers from containing many sentences which are unnecessarily long or awkward. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed in the future.


I take it, it is the English translations that are the issue - they are truly awful - rather than the sentence construction which is typical. One major problem my Hungarian tutor had was I kept wanting to write Hungarian in English constructions rather than like these examples.


Thank you! You are so right, even after 9 months.


I just reached these exercises. Truly sad that nothing is getting better. How difficult could it be for the creators to ask at least ask 1 native speaker if it sounds ok?


I 99.9% agree with you. The 0.1% is that this is a programmer obsession. :D I don't think that there is a programmer among the contributors. Good programmers are lazy. Lazy people try to do things the quickest and simplest way. Maybe you just never met a good programmer. :D This course is a nightmare on so many levels. The sentences are over complicated and long.

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