"We are sitting on the trees, to which three big lion comes here."

Translation:Azokon a fákon ülünk, amelyekhez idejön három nagy oroszlán.

August 12, 2016

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By now almost every sentence is Hunglish!


I wish we could skip these "broken" modules while Hungarian is still in Beta, and come back to these later when it's fixed. Right now it's more about "remembering the mistakes" to validate the course and move on rather than actually learning :(


Yes this is very bad English...


seriously? :( sentences like these make me want to give up on this course.


I am in a better mood now as I cheated to get to the end of the course. Now I am able to chose what I do in which order which is far better. There were many sentences I wanted to give up on too.


I survived the skill tree without really considering to give up on it. But since then I have given up several 'strengthen skills' lessons because I just couldn't complete them within the scope of my patience. On Preverbs 2 I once got to sentence 51 (record is 60 by the way), basically trying to memorize the errors most of the time, and once completed the skill didn't even get strengthened! So in my opinion, while the quality of the course is just OK for normal progress, some elements like strengthening skills and the elaborate test are too much affected by the lack of alternative translations and the number of errors.

On that elaborate test I got 2.23/5 although I was pretty confident about 80-85% of the answers. So it seems like a good idea to wait for a quality improvement of the course before spending 25 lingots on the test.


I'm the exact same way; I completed the tree, but I haven't had the patience to review many of the skills because it's simply too hard to complete the review due to all the translations that need to be added or fixed. :/ My record for the highest number of questions I had to complete in order to complete a review is 67, which is absolutely absurd. There were also several occasions where I had to copy and paste answers so I could use them later because the accepted translations were so specific and or wrong, that it was almost impossible to get them correct otherwise.

Overall, I agree with everything you said in your comment. ^_^


First I'm given several translations containing the word "amelyikek," so I've become accustomed to writing that, even though I know it's not correct. And now Duo has the nerve to correct me for this one because I didn't write "amelyekhez"! (Yes, I reported it.)


I love the term Hunglish!


I agree but you have to complete them to move on


....... to which three big lionS are coming. The sentences are making me angry!!!


Thanks. You guys have made me feel much better. I thought I had the record for wrong answers and a shortest temper. I think it is obvious that some of this course work was done hastily, maybe to meet a release deadline or something. I agree that it would be very nice to be able to bypass some of the units that need work, but I don't think the program can be set to allow that.


Since lots of people are having problems, I have posted a "feature request" to help with Beta courses : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/18058019 . Please support it if you think it's a good idea, and maybe the developers will consider it. So far it has only received mixed feedback, since apparently Hungarian is one of the worst. At the moment lots of people just give up, out of frustration, meaning the later modules will never receive the testing they need to get the entire course out of Beta !

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