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Hebrew is now available for iOS devices!

Today's Duolingo update added Hebrew support to the iOS app. From the release notes:

"English speakers can now learn Hebrew, Hungarian, and Vietnamese!"

You can add a Hebrew keyboard via the Settings app, under General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard. Tap the keyboard's globe icon to switch between English and Hebrew keyboards. (You can type nikkud by long-pressing a letter to see additional choices.)

It's great to be able to learn and practice Hebrew now on the iPad and iPhone! Thanks!

August 12, 2016



I tested it out all day yesterday. No glitches this time. It works fine. :)


I've been waiting for this to really dig in to Hebrew. Thanks


This is so brilliant! Congratulations team.


Thank you so much, I will try it out today!


Fantastic news, learning it now. It's so much easier on iOS than my laptop since now I don't need to copy + paste every Hebrew sentence from keyboard websites. Wonder when Hebrew will graduate from beta?


This was exactly the mobile keyboard information I was looking for—thank you! :-)


I have been able to use it on my iPad since the first week it was released in beta and it was working fine. I just tried it to see what the nikkud looked like and there were a number of glitches: at least 4-5 times on one review lesson the voice did not match the text, although the text was correct.


K lol -Louis walsh

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