"It does not support."

Translation:זה לא תומך.

August 12, 2016

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The English sentence 'it does not support' is incomplete. Support needs an object.


I think a better translation for the sentence זֶה לֹא תּוֹמֵךְ would be this is not supportive, as there is no object.


What is זהו, anyone?


A combination of זה and הוא, generally used as "it is", "this is" or "that is" (another similar word is זוהי for feminine objects - זו היא). It's usually used before nouns -

This is a big day = זהו יום גדול/זה יום גדול/זה הוא יום גדול

It shouldn't be used before adjectives, for example -

This is big = זה גדול (not זהו גדול).


Why is זאת לא תומכת wrong?


ze lo toméch.


none of the options is correct. "הילדה לא תומך" first there is no girl in the sentece, second that's grammatically incorrect as girl as feminine. "זאת לא תומך" the meaning of זאת is "hint nickname to feminine-found here" - grammatically incorrect. "זהו לא תומך" the word זהו is welded from זה+הוא; when "זה הוא" fits in the sentence, it can be written in short as "זהו", and when "זהו" is appropriate in the sentence it can be written at length - "זה הוא". as "זה הוא לא תומך" תרגם is an incorrect sentence, grammatically and syntactically, so does "זהו לא תומך". the correct translation of "it does not support" is "זה לא תומך" or "זה לא עוזר".


That's wrong, a native Israeli checked it and said it is not correct, at least in this sentence.


that's just wrong, no matter what sentence will contain it


To me this makes sense in Hebrew but not in English.


Subject, verb, object. That is the recipe for a good sentence. So where is the object?


The English does not make sense.


This is just not good English. You have to have an object with the verb 'to support'

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