New interface

Hi, my account hasn't had the new user interface yet. Do I have to do anything to activate it?

I tried to create a new account and it has the new interface but this account remained unchanged for weeks.

February 6, 2014


@ckhadung My account hadn't received the new interface until today, so you must be receiveing the update pretty soon. Problem is, now I can't seem to find the list of the words I have already learned, like I could before. Is there any way to do that now, or is that not possible anymore?

For now it isn't possible, although the Duo team has said that they are working on it.

Yeah, I saw that in another discussion thread. Thanks anyways for the reply =D

If it has been unchanged for weeks, then you should be getting it very soon =D. Each account that didn't get the interface takes max a few weeks to get the new interface.

I got the new interface with the new account.

By interface do they mean the appearance of the screen? I am assuming yes. Well, I just got that this evening, but now I cannot record. Can you help? Is this a permanent change?

I have been updated to the new design today. Thanks.

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