"Can you hear this horse?"

Translation:Słyszysz tego konia?

August 12, 2016

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Where does "can" come in in the English translation? Should this be "Do you hear this horse?"?


other way round it is a valid translation. But when you hear a horse in a distance , English speaking person will ask "Can you hear this horse?" and a Polish person will ask "Słyszysz tego konia?"


I would use do more often than can in that context (in the distance not in a distance) And I would use that not this. Do you hear that horse. This horse implies it is close.


You have a different distinction between "this and that " than we have between "ten" and "tamten", which made me use a wrong example.

I'd say we usually translate English "can you see?" "can you hear" to czy widzisz? czy słyszysz ?

Unless it is a less polite form of "could you please see"


Just as long as you don't insist on the can in the English sentence, as do is just as common and the meaning is the same.


"Do" is of course accepted in the PL->ENG version of this exercise.

There's no way to change the 'original sentence' that is shown for ENG->PL exercise when the course is already created.

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