"A diákok és a tanárok az ebédlőbe sietnek."

Translation:The students and the teachers are hurrying to the dining room.

August 12, 2016

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Why not 'rushing' instead of 'hurrying'?


That is a proper translation of siet, too. Probably no one thought about it.


ba/be means in direction to something. It is not sure, that the are really going "into" ban/ben the dining room. That confuses me.


No, no, it means "into". But in English the usage can be mixed.

For example, "go to your room" really means "go into your room". In Hungarian, you would definitely use "-ba/-be".


Thank you, but also here the english translation is not clear enough to learn and understand the hungarian language. Even if it has more meanings in english, for learning purpose it should be as clear as possible. In Hungarian it is definitely a big difference between TO The room and INTO the room.


Yes, it is.
And it is a big debate here, whether a translation should be very literal or more like one that does not make the speakers of that language tear their own hair out. :)
At least we have these discussions to make everything clear.


I think among language families it is o.k. not to be so literal. But Hungarian is so exact in many respects, that we can only understand it, when we try to translate as correct as possible. Hungarian made me tear my hair out very often and it is still increasing. I am able to talk fluently like a child, who does not yet understand the grammar rules and it is already much more, than tourists need. But I do not want to stop at this point. Hungarian is such a wonderful, poetic language, that I would like to read books as well and to talk better than understandable. As far Duo helped me on that way and I will keep on going with it. The discussions are extremely helpful on this way. Thank you ALL!


Best of luck to you!
Yes, hopefully these comments will help a lot of people learn this beauiful but somewhat difficult language.
There are some tips here, if you are interested:

Also, you might want to try the reverse course, English for speakers of Hungarian. That one has been out of Beta for some time now.

Oh, and if you have the energy, the Turkish language could be a good companion, as it has a similar system but much less exceptions.


------ ebe'dlo" = lunch room ? . . .

Big 29 jan 21


more like: "lunching room". its like dining room but with lunch - ebéd


The term where I live is "lunch room" not "lunching room". Where is it lunching room?


Dining hall is marked wrong. why?


----- i hope you reported that your version should be accepted ? . . .

Big 20 feb 21

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