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It's been eight months - will there ever be more Tips and Notes?

I'm going through and re-gilding my tree, and finding that while my vocabulary isn't so bad, my understanding of basic grammar and conjugation needs some work - and that not a single new skill has received a tips and notes section since then! I study on other sites where I can, but I would really love to be able to read something more concise and legible, written just for English speakers.

August 12, 2016



I've found The Polish Wikibook very useful. There are several other useful resources on the Polish page on the wiki.



While I didn't contribute to the course, I am Polish and I'm always glad whenver I can help. :) If you need help, ask away! :)


Muszę mówić po polsku częściej, ale to jest bardzo trudny... Większość polaków nie uproszczać dla mnie.


to jest bardzo trudne Większość Polaków nie upraszcza dla mnie. Don't worry, you're already doing great :). Jestem pod wrażeniem :).


I agree absolutely. I completed the Polish course and found that I was still struggling with some simple grammar. I've had to supplement Duolingo with other resources too. I love Duolingo and appreciate that these things are voluntary, but a more complete Polish course would be wonderful.


I have posted this question several times in the last months and always get "it's done" even though it's not...or told to use other resources. Having to go to external resources and dig through them, or post and wait for an answer, ruins the flow that makes Duolingo so great.

For whatever reason the developers seem to have abandoned the course. The last info was in January or so that they would finish the tips and notes after February exams...and not a peep or change since. If they can't be bothered or don't have time they need to pass it off to someone who does...but you can't even contact them or "management" to solve this issue and the only people who answer are other users.


Actually, they haven't abandoned the course. One of the contributors posted THIS yesterday. :)

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