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  5. "A sandwich is food."

"A sandwich is food."

Translation:Kanapka to jedzenie.

August 12, 2016



Can somebody explain to me the difference in between jedzenie and jedzeniem? Thank u


There are two Polish phrases that translate to something is something:

  • coś to coś (e.g. kanapka to jedzenie)
  • coś jest czymś (e.g kanapka jest jedzeniem)

The first phrase requires two nominatives, because to is not a verb.

The second phrase requires a nominative as a subject and an instrumental, which follows the verb.

To summarize:

  • "to" is followed by a nominative (jedzenie)
  • "jest" is followed by an instrumental (jedzeniem)


Why "Kanapka jest jedzenie" doesn't work?


It's ungrammatical. It is either "Kanapka to jedzenie" or "Kanapka jest jedzeniem". Read more about it here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Make sense, dziękuję!


Please could you tell me if 'to' is not a verb what it is and does it also mean 'is'


Well, "to" doesn't exactly mean "is", but it can be its equivalent. Generally, if you use a "to" construction, you can imagine that there is an invisible "jest" after. So it's kinda like "A sandwich - it is food".


Can someone tell me why it said kanapke was wrong for sandwich?


Wrong case. "kanapkę" (with the tail) is the Accusative form, like in "On je kanapkę". Here, "a sandwich" is the subject of the sentence, so it has to take Nominative (the basic, dictionary form). Which is "kanapka".


Okay. Makes sense now.

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