"Dlaczego jesteś zdenerwowana?"

Translation:Why are you upset?

August 12, 2016

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why are you anxious


How would you say "annoyed" in Polish?


"zdenerwowany" could work, zirytowany/poirytowany/podirytowany would be closer, also "wkurzony" seems very common, but that's colloquial. "wkaczony" would be the version you will find in Donald Duck comics ;)


Wouldn't Donald Duck's behaviour equal a temper tantrum? Just saying, as the Polish language may have a separate terminology for this as well.


Hmmm... "napad złości"?

The reason I mentioned Donald Duck (apart from simply being a fan of the comics), is that "wkurzony" does sound like it comes from the word "kura" (a hen). The Polish translation of the comics regularly uses "wkaczony" because it is built very similarly, but on the base of the word "kaczka" (a duck).


This would be a translation similar to the German “Wutausbruch”, so I think that it is fine, and clearer than the English word itself. (Temper sounds misplaced anyway, given that it is a mere arousal of one's senses rather than a nervous breakdown or a rage attack) I think that a pun may be included in this combination. In the end, many sound transcriptions (boom, bang, etc.) in German originated from these comics, thanks to its translator, Erika Fuchs. She also coined the phrase “Dem Ingeniör ist nichts zu schwör”. (I think she wrote the engineer wrong on purpose, although I am not sure; but still I never read it in the correct writing) (As for the translation's original wording, there seems to exist some uncertainty. A German fan page even noted that there is no known text.

Also, sorry for the off-topic information, but the idea that they may have included something like a pun in the Polish translation of the comics triggered it. I used to read those comics as well when I was a child, I had plenty of their books. :D


Why are you angered


Well, I was told that "angered" rather wouldn't be used that way.


Can "zdenerwowana" mean irritated? Or is there a "more better" word for irritated?


If 'annoyed' was accepted, then I guess 'irritated' should be as well. Added now.

A 'more better' version would be 'zirytowany', 'podirytowany' (the latter is kinda like 'a bit irritated').


No dobrze, rozumiem.


Would nervous work


We accept it, but I'm not 100% sure if it fits the context, if it's used that way in English. "zdenerwowana" is about something rather temporal, not that someone is 'generally a nervous person'.

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