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getting started in Spanish on Mac

Hello everyone! Could anyone help me to get started on the Spanish course? All the options seem to be greyed out and dont respond when clicked. I have logged out and in and tried with the https and still no joy. Any ideas? Could it be the old Mac laptop im using? Many Thanks, Keeley :)

February 6, 2014



Everything's greyed out, even "Basics 1" and "Strengthen skills"?


In my case, yes (Italian course).

I then downloaded the app on my android phone where I could access "basics 1". I went through the exercises on my phone.

Now, for an unknown reason, I log in from my computer and "basics 1", "basics 2" and "phrases" aren't grayed out anymore... Weird.


Thanks for your reply.... I cant actually see basics 1 or strengthen skills. Im going to try and download on a tablet and then log back in and see what happens :)


you were totally right!! Works now that I have done basics on tablet. Many thanks Imagikal :)


Same problem here... :(


Could be try firefox may work but if it's not upgraded may have to use with no sound. Think they are working on something for the mac's. Lot's of problems seems on anything more than 5 years old.

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