"Peter does not run up to Kathy, only walks up."

Translation:Péter nem felfut Katihoz, csak felsétál.

August 12, 2016

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I thought the prefix had to separate when the verb is negated - especially since it's not the fel- that's being negated here, but the fut. Is it not so?


It is the whole thing, "felfut". It is denied and an alternative is offered:

"Felsétál" instead of "felfut".

The other way is when it is more of a yes/no situation, nothing more:
Does he or does he not run up?
"Felfut vagy nem fut fel?"

"Nem fut fel" is simply the negation of the statement: "Felfut".

You can think of the other one as this: the action performed is not "running up" but "walking up". Nem felfut, hanem felsétál.


I keep giving Kati a definite article because it's already kind of muscle memory to do that with objects in this course.
Sorry for objectifying you, Kati. :c


Why not? nem felfut katihoz Péter, csak felsétal

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