"Mi nem spanyolok vagyunk, hanem görögök."

Translation:We are not Spanish, but Greek.

August 12, 2016

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Again:in the red for writing Greeks instead of Greek,First of ll in this case Greeks is correct in English.Second:I will be grateful to you if you correct my English yet in GREEN.I have enough trouble with Hungarian,with the explanation you do not provide even when asked several times.I am NOT doing and English course with you.The English you use is often weird Thank you


I totally agree with you. We learn Hungarian and not English. In addition, it is quite much more difficult for us who do not have English as their native language. It is very annoying to be corrected for spelling mistakes or inflections in English. The most important thing is probably if we translate English text into Hungarian properly this regardless of whether one writes Greeks or Greek.


Can I say We are not Spanish but Greeks because of the -ok.


You can say "Greeks" but then you might want to also say "Spaniards".

These are nouns: Spaniards, Greeks (or Greek people), Turks, Englishmen, etc.

The other way is using adjectives: Spanish, Greek, Turkish, English, etc. In this case, you cannot use the plural. Adjectives stay singular in English.

So, you might want to pick one way and use it for both.

But both will translate the same way to Hungarian. The above distinction does not exist in Hungarian (most of the time), and also, adjectives can also be in the plural, almost acting as a noun.


I want to try using "We aren't Spanish ones, but Greek ones."


In proper context, that would work as well. :)

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