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"A színes hal nem ideúszik, hanem ideugrik."

Translation:The colorful fish does not swim here, but jumps here.

August 12, 2016



With every sentence like this I get more pissed. I think they should remove the whole course from Doulingo, because it only demotivates people that are eager to learn Hungarian... I have done other courses, Hungarian is the worst by far!


This is another example that does not help the cause.
Hungarian denotes singular fish versus plural fish.
I used to think Choices 2 was the worst, but Preverbs 2 has now taken the top spot. Absolutely no explanation on the combinations of verb prefixes and noun suffixes. They just threw it all out, I have ten pages of notes.....and they still aren't enough with all of the curveballs this module sends. I have this and one more to get the five-crown and then i don't want to see if for a while.

The Tips is severely lacking in this module. Please add information!


...because it's flopping on the deck after being caught, or... is it, like, a Japanese flying squid?


"The colourful fish do not swim here but jump here" is marked wrong. Travesty!

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You wrote "do not swim", where it should be "does not swim". It is only one fish.

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