"A színes hal nem ideúszik, hanem ideugrik."

Translation:The colorful fish does not swim here, but jumps here.

August 12, 2016

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...because it's flopping on the deck after being caught, or... is it, like, a Japanese flying squid?


With every sentence like this I get more pissed. I think they should remove the whole course from Doulingo, because it only demotivates people that are eager to learn Hungarian... I have done other courses, Hungarian is the worst by far!


This is another example that does not help the cause.
Hungarian denotes singular fish versus plural fish.
I used to think Choices 2 was the worst, but Preverbs 2 has now taken the top spot. Absolutely no explanation on the combinations of verb prefixes and noun suffixes. They just threw it all out, I have ten pages of notes.....and they still aren't enough with all of the curveballs this module sends. I have this and one more to get the five-crown and then i don't want to see if for a while.

The Tips is severely lacking in this module. Please add information!


Why not separate ide after nem? Especially as the ide is not what is being negated but the swimming is? Thanks!


The whole verb is being negated and contrasted.


Why is it not úszik ide? Since we've been taught that happens with a negative. Thank you in advance !


are we attaching the preverb pre-verb in this example because of the contrast in verbs. As opposed to post-verb following a negation?

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