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"I move out and go over to another city."

Translation:Kiköltözöm és elmegyek egy másik városba.

August 12, 2016



Literally, probably yes. Otherwise, both elmegyek and átmegyek would be correct.


How do they differ in this case? át- and el- Would it be possible to use Oda- too?


I struggle with the exercises that require either oda- or el- since it seems that there is considerable overlap between the two


kikoltozom es odamegyek egy masik varosba.{;ease explain how am I supposed to guess you want elmegyek and not odamegyek.The given sentence to translate says ..... and go over o another city.Several times Duo has given sentences with over whatever and we are supposed to translate odamegyek ,ide,,,Whould be nice to have explanations and theaching and not just the red.Thank you.


Odamegyek wasn't accepted. Part of the problem here I think is that the English version doesn't match how English speakers would think. If the question had been "I move out and go AWAY to another city" we would see what was wanted. As soon as the word "OVER" is used I think in terms of oda and át.


Would odamegyek work too? Thanks.


Apparently odamegyek doesn't work or that's what I found. If the English had been "I move out and go AWAY to another city" life would have been so much easier.

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