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"Milyenek az egyiptomi művésznők?"

Translation:What are the Egyptian artists like?

August 13, 2016



And why "female artists" is not accepted?


Should be... Reporting


Just to be clear, when one says amerikai tanar is that only the nationality or can it be like in english both nationality and subject he/she teaches?


Angol tanár could be understood either way - a teacher who happens to be English, or a (possibly Hungarian) teacher who teaches the English language. Amerikai tanár would almost certainly be understood as "a teacher who is American" since "American" isn't generally seen as the name of a subject you could teach.


angol tanár = a teacher who's English

angoltanár = a teacher teaching English

They're spelt differently.


Why not: What are the egyptian female artists like? ??? (again: Blodwedden already asked this!)


I'd like to add: why not "What are Egyptian female artists like?" ?


Because it is odd in English. You don't say (or write) "female artists".


"How are the Egyptian artists?" was accepted, but it shouldn't be. It means ,,Hogy vannak az egyiptomi művészek?".


famele artists -művésznők, artists.művészek !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not in English. It simply is not said. If the sex needs to be commented on, "woman artist" would be used. However, usually the pronoun is enough. "She is a leading artist" clearly refers to a woman who is an artist. "She is a leading woman artist" means out of all women who are artists she is leading - but probably not in comparison to male artists.


Lack of consequence, once you require to translate művésznők into female artists but sometimes not, it is annoying


I suspect the "female" bit has become optional over time as you don't actually say that in English and over the 4 years people have pointed it out and they have removed it.

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