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"A szakácsok itt nem mexikóiak, hanem spanyolok."

Translation:The cooks here are not Mexican, but Spanish.

August 13, 2016



I find the English translation to be awkward, we don't really say "they are not this, but that" in regular usage. The cooks here are not Mexican, they are Spanish" is a better translation and I think it should be accepted.


And because their chorizo is not properly spiced.


You can tell by the fact that they can pronounce their ‘th’-sounds.


The cooks here... or Here the cooks... is ther any difference? No-Nem the question was that what difference (s) are? My experience both sentences correctly. But maybe not accepted because of the order of the words in the sentence ??????????


when one means a Spanish person, citizen ,you employ the word Spaniard.Pleae explain why you put that in red.

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