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  5. "He says that he swims."

"He says that he swims."

Translation:הוא אומר שהוא שוחֶה.

August 13, 2016



I put הוא אומר אשר הוא שוחה because in biblical Hebrew אשר means that, which, etc. Has this word become obsolete, meaning obit attaching ש to the beginning of a word is acceptable?


Not exactly. אשר does mean "that" or "which", and it is not quite obsolete in written language, but it can only be used in relative clauses. It is not the ש in אומר ש, it is the ש in הבריכה שבה הוא שוחה or האיש שדיברתי איתו.


But he was lying! He was really at home playing videogames!


technically not lying beacause he only says he swims, not he WAS swimming. useful little trick ;)


Is this pronounced, "Hoo omer sheh-hoo sukha or shoo sukha?


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