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"הכישוף הולך לגרום לו לבכות כשהוא יראה מים."

Translation:The spell is going to cause him to cry when he sees water.

August 13, 2016



Can הולך really be used like this as a future tense? I've never seen that before.


It's colloquial but very common. It is more correct to use עומד ל for this purpose, but we burrowed הולך ל from English.


Its a common phenomenon in many languages that the verb "to go/walk" will become grammaticalized. Its not a specific borrowing from English into Hebrew. It's a general language trend. Same with עומד להיות and הולך לעשות.


Shouldn't this actually be in the future tense in Hebrew?

הכישוף יגרם לו לבכות

"going to..." is a form of future tense in English, and it would seem that using the future tense of לגרום would be the best translation into Hebrew.



הולך לרדת גשם, הולך לקרות לך משהו טוב....


Wat-er horrible curse!


yes. it is called posthypnotic suggestion in science.


The audio sounds as though the woman is saying לרקוד instead of לבכות.


I heard that, too! I was convinced enough that I played it for the native Hebrew speaker in my house, but he heard it correctly as לבכות ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I hear it correctly, but only on an external speaker*. If I use the internal speaker on my devices, it doesn't sound right..

(Literally a $40 Bluetooth waterproof speaker, nothing fancy).

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