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  5. "What do you drink tea with?"

"What do you drink tea with?"

Translation:З чим ти п'єш чай?

August 13, 2016



Is it really wrong, to say "З чим п'єш чай?" "П'єш" is the unique second person conjugation of the verb "пити," so omitting the pronoun "Ти" doesn't confuse with any other conjugation.


In some informal colloquial contexts, yes. While learning in the course, however, try to use the complete sentences.


I can imagine omitting it in a particular context, but, in general, not.


So it's not considered redundant? In a lot of languages, for example Polish and Spanish, when the conjugation is unique to the perspective, the pronoun is only used for emphasis, otherwise it's considered too wordy, needlessly obvious. I'm surprised that Ukrainian uses it when it's unnecessary.


Ukrainian grammar allows dropping pronouns (or subjects in general), but this is not as prominent as in Polish.


"Що ти п'єш з чай" Can someone explain why this is wrong please. Thank you


Чай is in the nominative case, which means that it should be the subject of the sentence. But in your sentence, що is the subject and чай is the object. Since the phrase is "with tea," the noun takes the instrumental case - "з чаєм."


Do you really need the "ty" if you are saying "p'yesh?"


What is чим???


It's the instrumental case of що.

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