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  5. "אתה מצפֶה ממנו יותר מדי."

"אתה מצפֶה ממנו יותר מדי."

Translation:You expect too much from him.

August 13, 2016



It sounds like he's saying מִמֶנוּ which would mean "from us", no? I thought "from him" is מִמֶנוֹ


From us: מאיתנו From him: ממנו


Thank you. I get confused on this point a lot.


" You are expecting too much of it" - is brought as one of the answers here, and though possibly correct I don't feel many would use it this way, If you are talking about an inanimate object, or a certain event/occurrence ,most people would say אתה מצפה מזה


I don't agree. When you talk about a specific object you would say Mimeno.

-אני מאוכזב מהמחשב

-אתה מצפה ממנו ליותר מדי


Borderline, you are more likely to say "ציפיתי מהמחשב הזה ליותר" - I think the main place that the MIMENO not for people comes in would be fore animals


Not necessarily, as all objects are gendered in Hebrew.


Adio: The pronounciation here is clearly a u (a thin o) in ממנו, I think it it is supposed to be pronounced like o ( like the a inn all) if it shall mean "from him" ?


Ata metzape mimenu yoter midai.


The couple of people have already posted this, but I think it has to be "mimeno" to mean "from him" although it certainly does sound like he's saying mimenu.


Janis, I can certainly ask when Israelis are up in a few hours, but... why wouldn't it be mimenu? https://www.teachmehebrew.com/lesson-9.html



I was going by what DL gave in the 1st preposition lesson, way-back-when, on "from" where third person masculine singular= mimeno. But I just checked one of my very old Hebrew grammars (1955) and they give it as mimenu, so I guess either one is correct.


נָכוֹן. בָּלָגָן לְגַמְרֵי... :-)


We just had a bunch of sentences where צמפה meant "look forward to". Could this sentence mean "you look forward to him too much"?


You meant צפה from לצפות, right L? When you watch a movie you use this word, such as, אתמול בערב ציפיתי בסרט, Last night I watched a movie, where ציפיתי בסרט is "anticipated in a film" throughout the film's playing last night. The film kept your attention until the end. You had been expecting/looking forward all the way to the end.


אַתָּה מְצַפֶּה מִמֶּנּוּ יוֹתֵר מִדַּי. הַצִּיפִּיָּיה שֶׁלְּךָ מֻוגְזֶמֶת.

You expect too much from him. Your expectation is excessive. ( אותו שורש ...)

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