"Nem adunk sem asztalt, sem széket!"

Translation:We do not give either tables or chairs!

August 13, 2016

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(Just for anybody who's wondering) a lot of these sentences with the verb ad in them like this would sound better in English (1) with an indirect object included, which is often omitted with this verb in Hungarian, and (2) either future tense or present progressive (which would be understood as future anyway).

"We're not giving you tables or chairs," or, "We're not going to give you any tables or chairs."

It's relatively rare in English to leave out the recipient (indirect object) for "give" except in figurative uses ("I don't give a damn") or a few other constructs. But in Hungarian, -Adjál pénzt! -Nem adok! is perfectly normal. It should obviously not be translated Duo style as "Give money! I do not give!"

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