"Brot, bitte!"

Translation:Bread, please!

February 3, 2013

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How to pronounce brot?


In german "o" is always pronounced like [å] or [o:], like in "brot. "u" is pronounced [o:] like "gut" (good), "ei" is [ai] such as in "mein", while "ie" on the other hand is pronounced [i:] (=long iii) like in the word "nie" (never on eng.). There are many more ponouncation rules, for example "d" in the end of a word is pronounced [t] like in "hund" (dog), also "sp" after eachother is [schp] for example in the word "spielen" [schpi:len] (play), the same rules are for "st" which makes [scht] in "stuhl" [schto:l] (chair). I hope I haven't worn you out, because these are things very crutial to know if you want to be able to talk german. Have a good day!


I am sorry. I live in Sweden and i am learning english and german in school. Here we have å, ä and ö, and it is with "å" we have explained how to pronounce "o" in german. So i didn't really know how to explain it otherwise.


I'm not familiar with Swedish but I think what you say for <o> is all right. :)


Thank you very much for that! Wearing out? No chance - I'm just getting started! ;)


I'm still confused how to pronounce the o in brot. I don't understand the symbols your using and your example of the o was brot, whereas, you gave an English example of how to say the other letters. Make sense? Is it like o in oat. Oats that horses eat. Not sure how well you know american english

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    That sound doesn't exist in American English.



    I would say "Some bread, please!", as you don't say bread alone..


    Umm... why it's not correct to write "Please pass the bread"? I mean, it's a polite way to say in front of the table (in house gathering, in restauraunts, caffes etc.) what you want.


    We don't have the context of the sentence. If you are in a bakery, you wouldn't ask for the bread to be passed to you.


    It says that bitte can also mean ask. How can it be used as a verb then?


    Why the exclamation mark? I was marked wrong with a period.


    I guess because it's a command.

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