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Hungarian Phrases

The Hungarian lessons start out with the phrases instead of starting with the basic words. Perhaps this module should be added after the 1st lesson is done.

August 13, 2016



It was stated awhile back in the tree's early stages that because of the unique structure of the Hungarian language, the tree pattern for other existing languages could not be used. They had to build another tree from scratch.


OK. But it's still kinda hard to start off with the phrases without even knowing what the words mean. I'm in Budapest at the moment, and these phrases are useful for me... but the vocabulary is non existent before jumping into this course.

Might be useful to re-arrange it a little bit, otherwise other users might also be scared when clicking on this 1st module and starting with complex sentences without any basis.


your streak tho holy moly. are u a polyglot?


I think maybe they could do a alaphbet & sounds of the alphabet lession prior to the basic phrases because honestly the Hungarian language is structured so differently I dont know how else they could have done it...

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