"This is sour."

Translation:זה חמוץ.

August 13, 2016

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And there's a similar word חומץ - which means vinegar :)


How come everytime i click זה a poorly recorded audio clip of the word plays, but this doesnt happen for any other word?


It happens to me too. Idk whh


Ze chamutz- it is sour


Can we say : זאת חמוצה ?


Maybe you could say that about a person being sour. הילדה הזאת חמוצה=This girl is sour Not to be confused with חומצה which means acid.


Peut-être qu'on décrit plus une impression de la personne qui goûte qu'un état de l'objet.


I put "זאת חמוץ" and it was marked wrong; which now leaves me to wonder if one were referring to something feminine, but yet sour, would not "זאת", be the appropriate demonstrative pronoun for the feminine noun in question? Such as this papaya "פפאיה", with papaya ending with a feminine "ה"? Or, even the word for tomato "עגבנייה", which ends with the same?


First of all, your mistake was using a masculine adjective form with a feminine demonstrative pronoun. It would have been זאת חמוצה. However, this would not be used in a sentence such as this. זה is the default demonstrative pronoun for adjectives. זאת would indeed be used if you pointed to a tomato - זאת עגבנייה, but if you combine these two, saying "this is a tomato; it is sour", still you wouldn't use זאת, but היא, because once the object is determined, demonstrative pronouns are not used any more. זאת עגבנייה. היא חמוצה.

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