"Women see, men do not see."

Translation:נשים רואות, גברים לא רואים.

August 13, 2016

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What is אינם? And how is it pronounced? I don't remember seeing this before.


That means "(they) aren't". So "they aren't good" can translate to "הם אינם טובים" but is more commonly translated to "הם לא טובים". It is pronounced "ey-nam".


In the above sentence, can we say " נשים רואות, גברים אינם" ?


Yes, you could, that would be the equivalent of "women see, men don't"


I don't remember learning this word ״אינם״.


Yeah, it's a rather uncommon and formal way of saying "don't", normally you'd just use "לא". In fact they have changed the translation to that since.


The main form in modern speech is 'ein' אֵין, which means "naught/not". So אין לי means "I don't have" but it literally it's "there is not to me". Check out the full conjugation here: https://www.pealim.com/dict/6052-ein/


The most common use for אינם/אינן is for adjectives for example: הם אינם יפים (they are not pretty)


They gotta stop saying men dont see!!


"Women see (faults in everything), men don't see (faults in everything)". Context can reverse the positive/negative connotations.


Nasheem who'oat, gvarim lo ro'im. That is what I hear.


Nashím ro'ót, gvarím lo ro'ím.


This is quite sexist.


I was about to post the same thing.


This is so stupid. Never seen אינם before, so why it is in test??


Sounds a bit sexist doesn't it


Why does the form of the verb change. Isnt the object male plural in both cases?


No, נשים is the irregular plural of אישה, which is feminine. So the verb gets conjugated in the third person feminine plural.

Although the suffix ים is used to form most masculine plurals, it doesn't always signal a masculine word. For example, city names are always feminine in Hebrew, even though ירושלים ends in ים. There are also masculine names with a "feminine ending". For example, the plural of the masculine word שבוע is שבועות.


Same comment as I just entered: How can I enter Hebrew letters on my MacBook when the question calls for a Hebrew word?


What's the difference between רואות and רואים?


רואות - feminine plural

רואים - masculine plural


In typing in Hebrew, It keeps telling me I've misspelled the word. They do not leave what I typed up so I can see what the mistake is but tell me I am wrong when I am fairly sure I'm right. I have trouble hearing the words clearly so when I put something in and I check it against what I typed (I copied it directly from words I have written down) and it has all the same letters as the word they tell me is correct, I find them the same.


That's odd, because for me the app always tells me what I typed. Moreover, it underlines the misspelled word! (I do prefer to use the web version, but I believe the same is true for the phone app.)

I tend to make one kind of mistake more often than I'd like: when I intend to type מ I sometimes type ת by mistake, because they're right next to each other on the keyboard. And because they look roughly similar, I don't notice.

Then when I get the dreaded red background I look at the underlined word in the correction, and say to myself, "How can that be wrong?" Until I look more closely, that is, and finally catch my error.


In some of these אנשים is accepted for "men", in others (like this one) it is rejected. Why the inconsistency? 2021-05-31


Why isn't "אנשים" accepted as a synonym for "גברים" ?


Because אנשים is more like "people", not "men".


Because גברים is only for men. אנשים is for everybody, women and men. It's like you'll call a group of kids "boys" when there are girls with them


What men don't see


I have been at this unit for about an hour and altho I feel I'm beginning to grasp the sounds and have corrected letters that have looked extremely similar, I found I needed to quit as I can't hear or see anymore And I have to be somewhere shortly. How does that effect the lessons?


No, bad is bad, I is bad. No... Very bad!!!


I am not being allowed to continue


How come? What is the problem?


I do not have a hebrew typewriter


no hebrew dictionary


Which dictionary do you mean?


Where are the Hebrew letters for use in writing answer to exercise?


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself, they are not provided for you. It is done in the language settings of your device.


i am finding a trend of sexism in many lessons. of course when i say sexism i mean women ragging on men. am i alone in this feeling?


Maybe you're projecting?

There are others who say the exact opposite of what you are saying. So, who is right? Often times, what we see is what we want to see. If you manage to separate yourself from labeling others and reading between the lines, you might actually see that not everybody is out to get you.


without labeling we cant see the world aright. to do away with generalization you lose truth and reality. just because someone says something means nothing -is that person seeing truth or spouting crap? if everyone simply sees what they want you are implying there is no freechoice and no learning. i dont believe everyone is but some are and have gotten me already and this is what i fight against. its interesting you have a sheep for an icon


It's interesting that a person obsessed with labels doesn't see that I have a llama on my profile picture, not a sheep.

It made me think. Who knows how many people you've mislabeled like that in your life and you put them in a box and completely missed out on an opportunity to learn something from them. If you did, you might realize that the world is not black and white and that there are nuances.

And once again. This sentence is about sight. It's a simple sentence helping us practice all the verb forms - in this case the masculine and feminine plural forms. That's it. There is nothing sexist about it.


can't type in hebrew on computer


can't type in hebrew on this computer - very annoying


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself. It's done in the language settings of your computer.

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