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  5. "Wofür hat man gute Familien?"


"Wofür hat man gute Familien?"

February 3, 2013



This does not make any sense. Why would we learn things like this?


Come on, people! use your imagination. I can imagine many scenarios where this makes total sense. For example: "Wow, your parents and brothers really stood up for you after the mess you made. Yeah I know... but what does one have a good family for, after all?"


Duolingo requires "families" instead of "family," which makes the sentence something you'd never hear.


this sentence is hard to translate since it makes no sense at all


anyone else find this really hard to hear properly? First word is very unclear


What is the difference between wofür and warum? Could this sentence be Warum hat man gute Familien?


Same way one could say "why do we have a good family?" Or "what do we have a good family for?" I think the why, in the first sentence (like warum in german) means more "what for" (or wofür)


Also, "why is X true?" can be asking why something occurs, while "what for" is asking for purpose.

For example, Why does the sun rise in the East? is asking for an explanation based in astronomy, but What does the sunrise in the East for is almost metaphysical, like what is the purpose of the sun rising? A question that doesn't even make sense if you don't believe the universe was designed by an intelligent creator.

Why do we exist? can be answered with any number of explanations, including just explaining the science behind life.

What do we exist for? cannot be answered with the science. It necessitates inquiry into the meaning of life.


could "you" be acceptable, since English tends to interchange that with the objective third person?

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