"A rétes egy töltött tészta, és nagyon finom."

Translation:The strudel is a stuffed pastry, and it is very tasty.

August 13, 2016

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Rétes is not "stuffed pasta!" It is very delicious. That part is true. And it is true that "pastry" and "pasta" have a lot of letters in common, and that tészta can mean either one (along with "batter" and "dough"). But "pasta" and "pastry"... you know, the difference is kind of significant.


That's another one that needs to be reported everywhere you see it, please. For example, as an ingredient of a recipe, etc.


I am not entirely sure what tészta actually means, but a Strudel is made with Blätterteig and filled (stuffed?) with eg fruits or nuts or vegetables. What is Blätterteig in English? Google says puff pastry? Laminated dough?

In German cuisine Pasta is exclusively used for Italian food, so definitely not the term for Strudel. (But I have no idea why you think that there is a significant difference. Pasta is also wheat but semolina (?) instead of flour. A little less fine grinded. But the very same ingredient and I would assume you could make a strudel with fresh pasta nonetheless)


A pretty good translation for tészta would be "German 'Teig', or many of the things that are cooked from Teig."


Teig + Teigwaren might cover it then?

Edit: But the ready to be eaten Strudel is no Teigware anymore? So we have to add "Mehlspeise" too.

Quite universal and therefore vague, tészta.

Just checked my dictionary. Seems right. Teig, Nudeln, Mehlspeise.


Ok so teszta also means pasta and batter and dough, now I understand. Thanks


Try finding pastry in a Hungarian supermarket, and not getting yourself directed to the pasta section. This was my experience in Auchan.


Isn't strudel a german word?


Yes originally but it is used in english to describe the unique tasty dish it is as nothing else would signify that so well.


Anything that has a filling of any kind can be called filled or stuffed in English. The filling is spread before rolling the strudel.

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This is driving me nuts. In the last lesson retes was stuffed pasta. Now I use stuffed pasta and it is wrong, needs to be stuffed pastry! Which is really more correct.

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