"Today is an extremely warm day."

Translation:Aujourd'hui est une journée extrêmement chaude.

February 3, 2013

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Does anyone know, when and why would you use une journée instead of un jour? How do you determine whether a day is male or female?


It would be better to supply a short answer, with the link provided as additional support & further reading. The Android app does not display the URL as a hyperlink, so it can't be clicked. The app doesn't provide copy/paste for comments, so the URL can't be copied. Plus, links can break in the future. (9 Mar 2014)


Link works inside app, seems the app was changed.


(18 mai 2014) The app has since gone through an update that allows Android users to click to follow hyperlinks.


"Aujourd'hui, c'est une journée extrêmement chaude" should be accepted too.


It's now listed as a correct solution, so it's since been added. Congrats! :)


I just tried that, and it told me journée is masculine for some reason.

[deactivated user]

    Une journee, un jour


    I could swear I tried exactly what's listed above and had it reject that and suggest the "il fait" version instead, so I did that this time, and now it lists "Aujourd'hui est une journée extrêmement chaude." as an alternate...


    What's wrong with "c'est extremement chaud aujourd'hui"? That's idiomatic English.


    Yes, but it is not idiomatic French. You don't say "c'est chaud" referring to weather. You can say "il fait extremement chaud aujourd'hui."


    Is there another word for warm? I always thought chaud meant hot.


    I wrote :Ajourd'hui, est extrêment chaleureux I thought chaleureux means warm??


    Aujourd'hui est une journée extrêmement chaude. is the answer given to me. I don't understand why it is etre


    ohh my god now they are caring about the typo error ???? i made one typo and it is in (journée )

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