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  5. "What are you hurrying to?"

"What are you hurrying to?"

Translation:Mikhez siettek?

August 13, 2016



Wozu beeilst du dich? auf Deutsch. English seems in this Beta Version often more difficult to me, than hungarian. First I thought, that the sentence does not make any sense, but then I tried to make a German sentence out of it, and then I found the correct Hungarian answer. But I never had difficulties with English - Italian, even though I am already at nearly 50 %. What's the reason for it?


Well, these English sentences are not very natural, many of them are simply incorrect. The logic of Hungarian is so different, it is hard to do a precise translation that is also natural. But Hungary is close to lots of German-speaking people. Lots of history together. In fact, the official language of Hungary was German for a long time. Before that, Latin. Only the "common folks" spoke Hungarian. So, I can imagine how German and Latin had a huge effect on Hungarian. Just the fact that they all use conjugation. English somehow evolved on a dfferent route, even though it is still relatively close to both German and the romance languages.


Nein, eher Wohin eilst du?, denke ich.

Wozu usually means "why, for what purpose" rather than "to which location", but I doubt that mikhez has that meaning.


You are right with wozu. :-) But it was helpful to find the Hungarian Duo answer. Wohin eilst du means hova sietz. (eine Bewegung an einen Ort - wo - hin) The above mentioned Duo sentences are not yet 100 % clear to me. Maybe somebody knows better German+English+Hungarian and can help with the German translation.


How about "Zu was..?"
"Wozu" sounds too much like asking for a reason, which would be miért. .. Weshalb haben wir eigentlich so viele Fragewörter, die die selbe Frage beschreiben? Warum? Wofür? Weswegen? D:

Also having a plural question word is a bit odd, I agree. xD


ZU WAS klingt sehr gut


Mik is the Plural from what and hez the movement to it. Does it mean that I hurry to something in plural? It is not Mihez (singular) Quite confusing. Does somebody know a more fitting word in German as Wozu? It is not wohin (hova). Where are you hurrying to, why are you hurrying, what are you hurrying (without to)........are logic to me. But What are you hurrying to??? WHO KNOWS THE ANSWER!


Yes "mikhez siettek" means that you are hurrying to several things (as you say, to something in plural). The English sentence can be translated to singular as well: "mihez siettek". It is a very unnatural sounding sentence in Hungarian, though, both in the plural and singular version.

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