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  5. "Nie powiedziałem tego!"

"Nie powiedziałem tego!"

Translation:I did not say that!

August 13, 2016



shouldn't it be " I didn't say that" - using the past simple and not the present perfect - because it is a completed action in the past


To a Polish person, "I didn't say that!" and "I have not said that!" mean exactly the same. They both work here.


"I have not said that" is quite uncommon in English. Present perfect would sound better in sentences like "I have not said that yet" or "I have never said that".


They both work theoretically but thinking up an actual real-life context for 'I haven't said that' needs some effort. 99% of the time it would be past simple.


Alright, let's change the main sentence to "I did not say that", then.


Level five and I still havent come across a Past Perfect sentence. Who named tbis module?


It's Past Perfective; not Past Perfect....


It's past perfect. Maybe you call it past perfective. That's ok too.


Past perfect is a tense; perfective is an aspect, and this group of exercises relates to the past tense of perfective verbs.

I take your point that the title for this group of exercises is actually misleading.

"powiedzieć" is the perfective aspect version of "mówić".


Aha, you're referring to the module, not what I wrote. Yeah, misleading it certainly is.


The jump in difficulty for this section is very high. I'm really struggling. Are there any other things you guys would recommend reading for some extra help?


Well, my "goto" resource is Wiktionary.

You probably don't need help with "nie", but let's look at "powiedziałem".

https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/powiedzia%C5%82em tells you that "powiedziałem" is "first-person singular masculine past of powiedzieć" and https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/powiedzie%C4%87 then gives the full conjugation, relationship to another verb "mówić", and so on.

Repeat for "tego".



Unusual present perfect sentence. More likely to be past simple I would have thought.


I think someone already mentioned that thereis no difference between "did not say" and "have not said" in Polish. Is this true for all verbs? I believe it's called past imperfect vs past perfect, butnot sure


None of those is past imperfect, I believe, that term would rather be used for past continuous/past progressive (he was doing, they were cooking, etc.).

I believe in general for Polish there's no difference between "did not say" and "have not said" and other verbs, yes.


Well, in some sentences the Polish perfective aspect seems to be closer to the English present perfect, but this cannot be taken as a general rule.


Why can't I say "I didn't tell this"?


I believe that "tell" doesn't work unless you specify 'to whom'.


How the hell is powiedzialem connected to mowic = to say?


It's connected to "powiedzieć", which is the perfective verb "to say".

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